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Biographie Chest and body, after waking up today, I managed to suppress the wound with fighting spirit. Under the fierce battle, at the same time, the wound burst and blood flowed out! Finally, after knocking down the two knights in front of him. A little at Hussein's feet, he kicked the two corpses out. Suddenly, the dense crowd in front smashed out of a passage! He also felt a little dizzy, bit the tip of his tongue hard, gritted his teeth and stepped forward. But after less than three steps, he was confronted by a long spear with a whistling silver bucket. Qi. Sweep it over quickly! Rosset wrapped his hands around the white cloth and tied his hands tightly to the shaft of the spear! Under the vigorous fighting spirit, he desperately pushed Hussein back half a step! There was a trace of anger on Hussein's face. Suddenly the spear of the other side turned sideways. Holding the sword in his backhand, he suddenly split down the barrel of his opponent's gun! Dang, dang, dang. It seemed that the sound of more than a dozen collisions turned into one in an instant! Hussein in such a moment, the sword with lightning speed, on the top of the spear of rosé one breath cut. A dozen! Rosset finally opened his mouth and spurted a mouthful of blood. He staggered and managed to sweep the spear over Hussein's waist. Hussein gave a sneer, and suddenly his fingers loosened and grew. The sword fell to the ground and grabbed the handle of Rosset's spear. On the palm of his hand, a golden fighting spirit spread quickly! Bobo! With two sounds, the white cloth wrapped around his hands suddenly burst open under the fighting spirit, and his hands were also shaken to a bloody mess by the fighting spirit! Hussein, with a little effort,Dissolved Gas Flotation, is already After seizing the spear, he swung it on the spot, and with a few crackles, the holy knights who rushed in front of him flew away one by one. Finally, the gun turned around, and the tip of the gun was against Rosset's throat! Originally, he was about to loosen the tip of the gun and stab Rosset to death, but at this time, Hussein looked at Rosset's face. Suddenly in the hands of an inexplicable meal. The tip of the gun solidifies There it is. Only a little blood came out of Rosset's throat,Rotating sludge scraper, but finally he didn't send it forward! "Tell your people to stop!" Hussein drank coldly. Rosset was already pale. With the point of a gun in his throat. He had closed his eyes and waited for death, but when he heard Hussein's words, he suddenly opened his eyes. In the eyes Burst out a group of fine awn, guffaw: "Hussein!"! You were once a holy knight! Holy Knight, how can you be threatened because your companions are captured! Hum Finish. He suddenly mustered up all his strength and shouted, "Quick!"! Kill all the horses! He's going to rob the horse! Far Away. Dozens of holy knights in charge of horses have taken advantage of their companions to entangle Hou. Kung Fu of war. Cut down more than a hundred horses in one breath! The horse's sad hiss because heard, the face has been extremely gloomy! His fingers holding the spear had turned white, but finally he did not kill Rosset. Suddenly he raised his foot and kicked Rosset in the chest. He heard a few clicks and Rosset's ribs were broken. A few. The body flew out, hit the ground heavily, struggled, and spurted a few mouthfuls of blood. Finally, he fell to the ground and could no longer stand up. Hussein had a spear in his hand, which was even more powerful. The sword was too short, and he had to protect the princess beside him. I really can't use it. Now I have it. Long weapon, much more convenient! The steel spear swung a few times. Will approach the holy knights one by one, Mechanical fine screen ,Lamella Plate Settler, Hussein has strided across, several ups and downs, has fallen to the front of the horse, that guard. The horse's dozens of knights, will have killed a small half of the horse, but saw Hussein rushed, well-trained, they immediately automatically separated half of the people, toward Hussein entangled. Come up, the remaining half of the people, but speed up the speed to cut the horse's hoof! Hussein's pike carried a knight away, turned over and grabbed a horse. As soon as he got on the horse with the princess in his arms, he heard a sad hiss from the horse and fell to his knees. Head down one Look, it was a knight who threw himself on the ground and was kicked by a horse, but a sword poked at the horse's neck! Hussein shot the knight and killed him, but he had no choice but to leap out with the princess in his arms.
Finally, one breath even killed seven or eight people, Hussein grabbed a horse, pushed the princess to the horse first, but he pulled the horse on foot and ran out! Surrounded by more than 100 riders. Husain rushed over, with a sneer, raised his eyebrows, and the pike came out like a poisonous dragon, and immediately he saw the shadow of the gun! Dozens of people in front are under the golden fighting spirit. Blood burst from the chest and abdomen of his body, and he immediately fell to the ground! In this way, Hussein walked, pulling the horse out of a hundred steps in one breath, which almost became a death passage! When he passed by, he fell to the ground. A field of corpses! In the end, finally out of the tight encirclement, but Hussein mouth has already shed blood! Behind him, those holy knights who were brave and fearless of death were finally frightened by his murderous look, and those who caught up with him could not help slowing down. Only Hussein himself knew that he was already strong on the outside but weak on the inside at the moment. He seemed to have a long gun and was invincible. In fact, he almost lifted his arm with pain now. I can't get up. The breath in the chest was pressed to death, so that no blood spurted out. Finally, seeing that the holy knight behind him was no longer chasing, Hussein got on his horse and sat behind the princess, holding the reins in one hand and the spear in the other, but still. With a straight back, he was about to ride away. At this moment, behind him came the voice of Rose. Rosset was supported by two of his subordinates, and the skirt of his chest was already red with the blood he had just spat out! Rosset's face was gloomy, his eyes were already red, and he was staring at Hussein. Then he shouted at the top of his voice in a hoarse voice, "Hussein!"! Why didn't you kill me! Why? Spare my life! Do you think I, Rosset, am a weakling?! Hussein's body suddenly shook on the horse, and finally turned around. Dozens of paces away, Rosset felt Hussein's sharp eyes shining on his body. Can not help but tremble in the heart-he, he has suffered so heavily,disc air diffuser, unexpectedly there is such a sharp look in the eyes?! I won't kill you, not because you are weak! But because.. We trained together in the training camp in the past year, and almost all the senior knights in the order now. 
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