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Biographie She is a typical person with a giving personality, and giving can make her feel happy. In previous lives, when I made money, I liked to buy and buy, buy a lot of new clothes, shoes and schoolbags for the children in the orphanage, buy winter clothes and shoes for the mother of the dean, buy small gold locks and bracelets toy clothes for my best friend's daughter, bring all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products to my best friend when filming abroad, and send all kinds of red envelopes to everyone during the Spring Festival. It's like she has a family, too. When she is stingy, she is very stingy. When she is generous, it seems that the money is not earned by her hard work, but by the strong wind. What others don't know is that, in fact, when she brings gifts to others, what she thinks in her heart is that they can also remember her and bring gifts to her during the Spring Festival and other festivals. She hopes that the younger brothers and sisters in the orphanage can say during the Spring Festival and other festivals: "Sister Yangyang, we miss you." But she never said, all the feelings are stuffy in the heart. She knows very well how much love she lacks in her heart, how much she longs for warmth, and how much she longs for the care and love of others. She likes to be a star, she likes to be noticed by people all over the world, and she doesn't like to be forgotten. Now come to this world, all her feelings are transferred to the small Chengguang body, all kinds of buy buy buy,endless pool swim spa, see what all want to buy for the small Chengguang. It's not so much that Xiao Chengguang needs her as that she needs Xiao Chengguang. Without him, she would be like a ghost in the world, walking alone in the world. Thinking of him, her empty heart seemed to be filled in an instant and she couldn't wait to get home. As soon as the door opened, Mother Chu hurriedly came out. Her face was full of anxiety: "Yang Yang, you can come back. You are not at home. Xiaoguang has been sitting here without eating or drinking, looking at the door and waiting for you to come back. You say how stubborn this child is. It really gives you a temper." She said with a helpless face. What's the matter, baby? Chu Chaoyang hurriedly put down the things in his hands and went over to pick up Xiao Chengguang. "Why don't you eat? Are you hungry?" She feels his little stomach, it is deflated as expected,hot tub manufacturers, say at will angrily: "Baby is not obedient, mom should be angry.". How can you not eat? "Hungry bad baby's little belly, mother will be distressed!" Extremely distressed, she touched Xiao Chengguang's stomach, put him on her lap and sat facing him. With a serious face, she said to him, "You can't do this in the future, do you know?"? Our baby is a good child. A good child should eat well and grow tall. If he doesn't grow tall, he will become a dwarf. Mother doesn't want his baby to become a dwarf who doesn't grow tall. Our baby should grow into a handsome man of indomitable spirit, OK? She spoke softly, and even if it was a serious lesson, she reasoned with him softly, not scolded him. By this time, Chu's mother had already taken out a bowl of lean meat and vegetable porridge that had been cooked for a long time. Chu Chaoyang reached out to take it, scooped up a spoonful and handed it to Xiao Chengguang's mouth. Xiao Chengguang's big black and bright eyes looked at her without blinking, and opened his mouth to eat. Our baby is really good, the baby is the best! She kissed Xiao Chengguang in the hair: "Reward a kiss!" The makeup on her face was not removed, endless pool factory ,massage bathtub manufacturers, and there was lipstick on her lips, so she did not kiss Xiao Chengguang's little cheek, but kissed her hair very lightly. Xiao Chengguang's little face, which had been flat all the time, finally relaxed, his eyes became more agile, and his eyes moved down slightly, looking at the bowl of food in her hand, as if urging her to feed it quickly. Chu Chaoyang hurriedly scooped up a full spoonful to feed the past, in the mouth also mimics: "Ah ~ Wu!"! The baby is a big tiger, the rice eats more and faster, and then a spoonful, ah! A spoonful of food is eaten up quickly. But Xiao Chengguang is still angry. He kept looking at her with an expressionless face when he took a shower. Chu Chaoyang is worried. In the original novel, it is written that the male protagonist (Xiao Chengguang) had a particularly dark and miserable childhood and adolescence. He was abused by the nanny when he was a baby. After the original owner was abused by the nanny and his career was ruined, he was in a state of depression for a long time. He didn't care about him at all. He was often hungry for two or three meals. When the original owner was hungry, he remembered to give him something to eat. When Xiao Chengguang was very young, his stomach was hungry and his health was very bad.
Later, the original owner was forced to take three films, participate in all kinds of wine and dinner parties, deal with all kinds of men, long-term depression makes the original owner not only have self-mutilation and suicidal tendencies, but also some manic. The male protagonist (Xiao Chengguang) has never been out of contact with the outside world since he was a child. He is locked in a dark house with a depressed patient. Even in the daytime, the curtains are covered tightly. Later, the original owner may not be able to hold himself up, so he threw the man (Xiao Chengguang) at the gate of Du's villa. In the original work, it is said that the man exchanged a sum of money with Du, which is regarded as selling the childhood man. When the man (Xiao Chengguang) heard the news of the original owner again, he committed suicide by jumping off a building. In the Du family, the man's life is not very good, facing all the indifference of cold violence and the oppression of others. It can be said that all the memories of the man from childhood to adulthood are dark, depressed and violent, without a trace of warmth and warmth. But since it is the original hero, that is certainly not physically defective, also did not say that he is dumb, how small Chengguang to this day do not speak? Chu Chaoyang is a little anxious. Baby, call your mother to hear it. She looked at him expectantly and mouthed patiently: "Mom-Mom." No response. Come on, follow me, Ma-Ma. I'll just look at you quietly. Mom-Mom. Chu Chaoyang saw how to teach him not to give any response, anxious with small Chengguang coquetry: "Baby baby, call mom, baby, big baby, good baby, good, call mom." No matter how hard she tried, he just looked at her quietly. She was a little discouraged, thinking that she had bought a lot of picture books today, brought one over, held Xiao Chengguang in her lap, and looked through them with him. The name of the picture book is "I love you forever", which tells about a bear named Ali, who wanted to make breakfast for his mother, but accidentally broke his mother's favorite honey bowl. He was afraid that his mother would not love him anymore, so he asked his mother again and again: "Mom, if I'm not good,4 person jacuzzi, will you still love me?" "Mom, if I do something bad, will you still love me?" 。 
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