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Biographie Hua Yuzhan rushed up and grabbed her, but he couldn't break the black tentacle, and Sang Ning's hand with the knife was entangled again, and finally he could only watch her being dragged underground. Everything was only a short moment, so fast that when Sang Xiaohao turned his head, he only had time to see Sang Ning's head disappear from the ground. Where is Sanning? Hua Yuzhan clenched his fist and smashed it on the ground, and such a thing happened again in front of him! He suddenly looked up at Sang Xiaohao, which made his heart jump and almost want to take two steps back. Hua Yuzhan stood up and took out a marble from his pocket and gave it to him. "Take this out of the garden, go down the hill, go to the most dilapidated hut at the end of the village, and let them take you to find Hua Yulong." Fortunately, only Mu Wenxin's one was kept here. What about Sanning? I'll bring her back! But there is one thing you need to do-to lead the Guardian back to the Mulberry Garden. Sang Xiaohao also unconsciously shivered, for that thing as a descendant of the Sang family also instinctively full of fear to avoid, "why do you have to bring that thing back.." "I need to get down here. Only the Guardian can clear the way." "Good.." How do I do that? "All you have to do is go to the village down the hill and pull the villagers out of the house when it's dark. As long as someone comes out when it's dark, the guardian will rush back immediately." Although I don't know what kind of relationship it is,Steel investment casting, he can only do it for Sang Ning. He hesitated for a moment and said, "I've seen this thing these days." Sometimes it would suddenly come out of the ground, grab something, drag it down and never come out again. Will Sanning be all right? What did he catch them for? You can't catch it and play with it, can you? Hua Yuzhan's face was very ugly. "I won't let her have anything to do. Hurry up and go down the mountain." He was not without wonder that the number of ghosts in the mulberry garden was a little unusual, even if some of them had been diverted out and placed in the mulberry garden village,Stainless steel foundry, even if some of them had escaped while the boundary was unstable, and a very small number of them were locked up underground, but the number left behind should still be astonishing, not in line with what they had seen. Sang Xiaohao turned around and began to think about how to climb over the courtyard wall, but the black vines that had sealed the door seemed to have achieved their goal after taking Sang Ning away and slowly retracted into the ground, exposing the door. He ran out in a hurry. As soon as he left, Hua Yuzhan untied the clothes on his chest and destroyed the shape of the amulet with a dagger. The blood stain of the amulet was stained with blood again. For a moment, the evil spirit gushed out continuously with the bloody mouth. Sang Xiaohao walked out of the gate of the mulberry garden, and the cold and biting air almost froze him silly. What's going on? It's winter? Can't feel the weather outside in the mulberry garden, but now he only has a pair of shoes and a pair of underpants all over his body, looking at the dark winter mountain forest in front of him, die casting parts ,CNC machining parts, so naked through the woods down the mountain, won't he really freeze to death before entering the village? The sixth class hour When a person is eighteen years old, he will never think the same as when he is thirty years old. Similarly, when a monster is five hundred years old, it is the same as when he is fifteen hundred years old. A thousand years of experience is really enough for any monster not to do some impulsive silly things easily, but why when he met Sanning, he did not care about the consequences as he did a thousand years ago, but did not consider the consequences at all, the only thing he knew was what he was going to do. Snowflakes began to fall in the night, and the faint atmosphere in Sangyuan Village made the snowflakes fall to the ground without melting. In a short time, a thin layer of white accumulated, which made the night in the village quiet and almost comfortable. Every family stayed indoors, and despite the restlessness of these tender humans, it was a great challenge to venture out of the house.
Several villagers gathered in a big room to discuss, "How many people are there in them?"? It's strange not to see anyone else back in the house this evening. "If they don't want to go back to the house, don't worry about them. There are only two people left in the cabin. Before they leave, grab them and eat them!" It's been so long that they've been locked up here to follow the rules, so long that they've almost forgotten the taste of meat. Finally, someone could not bear to say, "Will those who don't go back to the house outside really be caught?"? The ghost that was patrolling outside had not appeared for a long time, and even the village head did not know how long he had not come back. There is no one in charge of our village now, is there? Is the old man of the village chief finally dead? "How is that possible?"? How did the village chief die? I think the old immortal lives longer than we do! "That's because you came late. I don't know. I heard the old man say that when there was no village before, we all had to be locked up in the big house on the hill. At that time, the village head's family was handed down from generation to generation. Who knows how he suddenly became old and immortal. The village head has never changed since then!"! Maybe he's really dying this time! "" "No wonder I smelled him outside his house, but it was strange that he seemed to be there and not there-if he was really dying, it would make sense!" More than that! Heard that the garden has run a lot of people, here is not the same as before! The mulberry garden is not so indestructible! If I had known I shouldn't have come to the village, I thought I could be more free here, but I didn't have any freedom, and life was so hard that I could only rely on mice to eat every day.. The little man, who looked like a mouse, coughed uncomfortably twice, only to be looked down upon? What do mice eat if they don't eat? Cough again and eat you too! "Why don't you just throw caution to the wind and try?"! What if the inspector really doesn't show up anymore? There is a saying in human beings that the bold will starve to death. This sentence is enough to make all the people in the room move, but it is also a big adventure, who should try? "Draw lots!"! Human beings like to draw lots when they can't solve this kind of thing. There are about ten people here, half of them go and half of them stay. The idea was approved,Magnetic Drain Plug, and some people joined in to embolden it, so that if anything happened, the fighting power could be preserved. 
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