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Biographie An absurd silence and an uneasy apology from the old monkey. What on earth happened? Leilei finally couldn't help asking, her eyes slightly red, revealing the excellent worry that she had covered up on weekdays, "It's so dangerous all day long that I can't live this day." "Nothing." The old monkey waved his hand and said, "Here comes a dish of side dishes." ——————————————————————— "Here comes the side dish. Please enjoy it, my guest." Yi Tianxing, with Ye Xiangseng on his back, was drilling in the swarthy tunnel. He cursed and said, "That broken master who doesn't know the importance will definitely say that. He doesn't think about it. A big Bodhisattva comes down to earth. He can be a side dish. But I look like a braised lion's head. It's fishy and big. How can I swallow it?" Ye Xiangseng bent over him and laughed, occasionally turning his head sideways to avoid the stones protruding from the oncoming tunnel. This tunnel is near Hejiawan around the provincial capital. It was dug out that night when Yi Tianxing visited six places at night. I just don't know why. Two years have passed in a flash, but the tunnel is still not sealed. Not long after entering the tunnel, he entered the range of the huge and terrible audio-visual boundary in six places. Yi Tianxing listened attentively, but did not dare to put his mind to explore. After listening for a long time, he did not find any movement. He breathed a sigh of relief and put Ye Xiangseng down. In the dark tunnel, Ye Xiangseng could not see the worry on Yi Tianxing's face, but Yi Tianxing could clearly see the pallor on his face. It seems that you spent too little effort last night, and now you expect your middle finger to kill people. Yi Tianxing had a bitter face. It's almost impossible. Ye Xiangseng took two breaths and looked at the dark tunnel around him. Curiously,Precision steel tubes, he reached out his hand and touched the traces of magma flowing down the wall of the tunnel. He laughed and said, "So it's the hand left by Elder Martial Brother before." Yi Tianxing wanted to admit that he had prepared a refuge before, but although he was thick-skinned, he had a limit. He blushed and explained, "Yes." I used to steal things and dig them, but I don't know why they haven't been sealed yet. Well,beam impact tubes, maybe little Zhou Zhou died too fast and didn't come down. Or did Qin Qier's girl deliberately leave me a way to play in six places? He scratched his head. The tunnel was a little deep. After entering the tunnel, Yi Tianxing destroyed the entrance for the first time. The two of them had already tried their best to collect their breath. In addition, there were six big boundaries in the sky on the ground, hoping to cover their whereabouts and make it harder for the Bodhisattva to find them. He dared not expect to escape the pursuit of the Bodhisattva. When Ye Xiangseng heard him say this, he frowned and suddenly asked, "Is the other end of the tunnel the building of the six provincial capitals?" "Yes." Yi Tianxing also frowned and said, "If the general trend finds us later, then we will go to the valley behind the six places. There should be some strength in it." Ye Xiangseng shook his head firmly, clasped his palms together and said, "Promise me that no matter what happens later, I won't go to the six places to ask Qin Qier for help." He lowered his eyes slightly and said in a clear voice, "Let's wait in this tunnel." "Why?" Yi Tianxing asked doubtfully with his eyes open. Ye Xiangseng smiled, precision welded tubes ,impact beam tubes, and a natural compassion came to his face: "Although those are also practitioners, in the eyes of the Bodhisattva.." Why should we harm these people? Yi Tianxing thought about it in the dark. Ye Xiangseng faintly saw him nod, not by a sigh of relief, put down the heart. …… "What's next?"? The Bodhisattva is in heaven. We can't get out. Ye Xiangseng asked with a smile, not seeming to care much about his own life and death. Yi Tianxing shrugged his shoulders and said, "Shifu must know that the general trend is coming to the provincial capital. Let's see what kind of negative methods he can think of." Suddenly his eyes became cold. "Besides," he continued, "Monk Bin Ku hasn't come out. What am I worried about?" The dark tunnel was surrounded by the magma that Yi Tianxing had melted with the sky fire at the beginning. It was very airtight and did not seep in much water, so it did not appear wet, but was somewhat refreshing and dry. It was not very uncomfortable to stay.
But waiting in the dark for a long time, an unknown fear and tension, gradually spread in the dark tunnel, Yi Tianxing's face is not so good-looking. In a claustrophobic space, people feel that time is always stretched. Maybe it was only a few minutes, but Yi Tianxing felt as if he had been hiding in the tunnel for several days. Ye Xiangseng was crossing his knees to heal his wounds, and Yi Tianxing knew that he could not help, so he waited quietly beside him. Quiet! It's quiet in the tunnel. …… There was tension in the air, tension mixed with darkness, and a kind of inexplicable pressure. When I first saw you, you were in your thirties, and you liked to wear white clothes and play smart. Now you often wear coarse cloth cassocks, but your face is more ruddy and comely. You are not like a man with eyebrows, but you are developing in the direction of Zhengtai. In order to get rid of this inexplicable pressure, Yi Tianxing whispered to Ye Xiangseng. Ye Xiangseng smiled and did not answer. Yi Tianxing also smiled. In fact, he understood why. The Bodhisattva was originally a boy wearing a five-bun crown. The closer Monk Ye Xiang got to the day when he woke up, the more his body would naturally lean towards the similarity of the Bodhisattva's image, and the more fresh his face would naturally become. He suddenly frowned, feeling that at this time and Ye Xiangseng squatting in the tunnel to recall the past, how also have a kind of ominous feeling, so shut up. I don't know how long later. No matter how good the cave entrance is, it can't stop the devils from entering the village. Yi Tianxing frowned slightly, staring at the small beetle crawling slowly in the tunnel with a pair of golden pupils, and found that the small beetle suddenly kicked his limbs and feet and pretended to be dead on the rock. He unconsciously read a line from tunnel warfare. Ye Xiangseng sighed lightly, looking at the direction of the ground through the darkness in the tunnel, and murmured: "High, really high." It was still the lines in the tunnel war, but they couldn't laugh. At the same time, they felt the rock surface of the tunnel tremble slightly. At first, it was only a slight tremor. The dead beetle could still dance tango on it,side impact door beams, but the trembling range was so large that the beetle knew that he could not escape even if he pretended to be dead. He had to turn over, expose his hard back armor, and began to climb into the corner. 
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