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Biographie As soon as Si Ruoran came back, Zhang Jia immediately looked over and said, "Ruoran, you're finally back. Hey, where's Han Wei?" "Han, I was just about to tell you about that." Si Ruoran said, "He drank a lot of wine just now, as if he was drunk, so I asked the driver to take him home first." Chen Jing's eyes suddenly came over like a knife, and she snorted coldly in a strange way: "You and he are really intimate. You drink with him and send him home. Those who don't know think you are his girlfriend!" "What are you talking about?" Si Ruoran's good temper has been exhausted here all night. "Chen Jing, what do you mean?" "What do I mean?" Chen Jing was so angry that he folded his arms. "Si Ruoran, don't you know to stay away from your boyfriend?"? Or do you want to pry me into the corner as a mistress? "Chen Jing, be careful what you say!" Si Ruoran has not yet responded to what, Li Xiaoxian fried hair, sharp words, "the word Xiaosan is so ugly, you should not know it?" Why, why are you so excited? Is it because I'm right? Zhang Jia was silent on the edge. Because the atmosphere around the bar was somewhat noisy and everyone was having a good time, the dispute between the girls naturally did not cause any sensation. Si Ruoran really feel bad, do not come to get together for dinner,temperature screening kiosk, but also want to ease the relationship between roommates, now it seems that there is no need. If I had known earlier, I would have ignored Han Wei, but now I have done a good deed and even if others don't appreciate it, I have also provoked a coquettish. Xiaoxiao, let's go. Si Ruoran took Li Xiao's hand and walked toward the door of the bar. Li Xiao also wanted to seek justice for Ruoran, so he was dragged out with her. Si Ruoran did not pull Zhang Jia because her silence just now really made her feel a little cold. Does Zhang Jia also feel that he is deliberately approaching Han Wei? Want to rob Chen Jing's boyfriend? Through such a meal, she saw at a glance who was the friend and who was the wall grass. Li Xiao is really the friend she likes,information kiosk price, and she will stand up for herself at the first time. Thinking of this, Si Ruoran felt warm and grateful. Chen Jing probably did not expect Si Ruoran to turn around and walk away, how should also coax oneself first, apologize also to see whether she is in a good mood, and then consider whether to accept. Chapter 1546 of the main text. As a result, she turned around and left! When Zhang Jia saw that Si Ruoran and Li Xiao had gone, he turned around and comforted her, and soon followed her out. It was not until out of the bar that the careless Li Xiao comforted Si Ruoran: "It's all right. Zhang Jia has such an annoying character. We won't be with her in the future!" Of course, she knew that she could not be the kind of scheming bitch who deliberately approached other people's boyfriends. And this Chen Jing is simply out of her mind, if a real daughter is not as hypocritical as she is! "Mmm." Si Ruoran laughed and held hands with Li Xiao. It's getting late. It's better to take a taxi back. It's not only fast, but also safe. Zhang Jia also followed up, she did not know that she had a big X in Si Ruoran's heart, or acted as the good old man as before. If so, you let Chen Jing a little, smart interactive whiteboard ,touch screen kiosk, or the relationship between the dormitory is important ah. Si Ruoran did not say anything, but nodded perfunctorily. Li Xiao held her hand and pinched it, and they smiled at each other tacitly. Zhang Jia sits beside, do not know why to have a kind of feeling that does not melt into between them. Soon back to the dormitory, Si Ruoran opened his cell phone. Mom and Dad, as well as the younger brother in the WeChat group has been in the form of a brush screen chat for a long time, Si Ruoran was a little surprised, it is the first time to see her father has so much to say. After acting like a spoiled child to my parents in the group for a while, I received a text message from Xin Yibin, good night. Very simple two words, but let irritable Si Ruoran calm down for a day. She put a faint smile on her face and said good night. At this time, Xin Yibin was on the balcony, looking at thousands of lights outside. He has been waiting for Si Ruoran's response. Really see these two short words, eyebrows and eyes in the bright lights, become very gentle, even with the heart, are soft and a lot. This night, Chen Jing did not come back. Si Ruoran did not want to care about her, and Li Xiao giggled for a while and fell asleep.
When Si Ruoran got up the next day, he felt refreshed. After washing and gargling, Li Xiaocai climbed out of bed in a daze and teased each other with Si Ruoran. The morning passed almost in such a pleasant atmosphere. As a result, after lunch, Chen Jing suddenly came back when she was about to take a nap. As soon as she came back, she stuffed herself back into bed and began to cry secretly. Si Ruoran made a grimace at Li Xiao, not knowing what kind of nerve this guy was having. Zhang Jia, a good old man, wanted to come out again to appease Chen Jing, but Li Xiao and Si Ruoran went back without any movement. After sleeping for about half an hour at noon, Si Ruoran got up. Afternoon also has the class, thought in the afternoon is Miejie Abbess's class, she puts on the shoe while wakes up Li Xiao, then combs own long but smooth hair. Her hair is smooth and smooth with Qiao Xiaran, and Li Xiao is particularly envious of her. Suddenly, Chen Jing lifted her quilt and shouted at Si Ruoran with tears on her face: "Si Ruoran, are you satisfied now?"? Do you feel very happy to see me so miserable now? Suddenly, Si Ruoran felt puzzled and could not bear it any longer: "Chen Jing, are you sick?"? Your business has something to do with me! Remember to take good medicine when you are sick, and don't bite anyone when you catch him! You! You called me a dog! Chen Jing E live, really did not expect Si Ruoran would say such tough words, as if choked, a long time can not speak! Chapter 1547 quarrel in the main text. "You stabbed me like that." What do you rely on? Chen Jing saw the quarrel, however, the original still fierce expression instantly became aggrieved, Si Ruoran did not know that a person said that the change of face can actually change face, actually began to sob again. When Zhang Jia saw that everyone was crying,facial recognition thermometer, he couldn't help acting as a good old man again: "Forget it. If so, we all say a few words less. Is it necessary to quarrel for a little thing?" Although, she had no idea what was going on. 
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