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Biographie Tang Long answered briskly, "Yes, no problem.". My partners suddenly decided to share a room with two people, so the remaining half of the room will be given to you. Tang Long, who originally wanted his subordinates to have a room, suddenly changed his mind, considering that it was inappropriate to let these people who had never been out of the house live alone. All the people who heard this were stunned! This guy booked hundreds of VIP suites. I thought he had a lot of people with him, but he wanted one for each person? The waves are not wasted! A VIP suite is a deluxe suite for four people! The thin-eyed old man only nodded his thanks with a wry smile. He really didn't know what was going on with the man in front of him? Said he had no money, actually booked a VIP suite for his bodyguard, said he had money, and went to blackmail the hotel to get a free room to live. The old man looked at Tang Long, who was surrounded by beautiful women, and secretly decided to check the background of this man. Because of the past, the beauties of the SK second and third companies developed the habit of feeling uncomfortable without taking a bath every once in a while, so Tang Long had to go to the hotel's playroom alone,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, playing video games while waiting for his subordinates. At this time, a strange voice of Yin and Yang came to the ears of Tang Long who was playing the motorcycle game: "Oh, who am I talking about? It turns out that you are the boy who can live on my grandfather's bill." Tang Long looked up and saw that it was the grandson of the red-faced old man. With a proud look on his face at the moment, he patted the hand of a beautiful woman holding his arm beside him and said proudly, "Boy, I don't need to introduce you. You should also know that this is the most popular idol singer and the goddess of all men's dreams!"! Of course,ultrasonic extraction cbd, it's my girlfriend now! Said very gently hugged this beautiful woman's slender waist. Tang Long nodded to the woman who had heard someone introduce him and began to show a haughty look and said, "Hello." Then he turned around and played his own game. This idol singer and that bank small open see Tang Long's reaction unexpectedly is like this, not by one is stupefied. The bank opened a little anxiously and said, "Hey, the idol is right in front of you. Why don't you express it?" He specially brings the idol beautiful woman to run forward, is wants Tang Long to envy, lets this boy know, although you have hundreds of beautiful women, but also is inferior to oneself this as the popular idol girlfriend. But now Tang Long has no response, how can this satisfy his vanity? "I only watch news programs." Tang Long absent-mindedly replied that what he said was not the truth. The truth should be that he watched less TV. Since entering the army, Tang Long has spent less than 24 hours watching TV. How can he know who is the most popular idol now. The faces of the two men who heard this lost their radiant expression, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, as if they were trying to describe the value and beauty of a precious stone in front of a man who did not know what a precious stone was. The result, of course, was that they could not afford to tempt the man to show envy and jealousy. The idol beauty snorted coldly and said, "Country bumpkin." Then he clung to the bank and said in a sweet voice, "Darling, let's go and ignore this country bumpkin." Feeling bored, the small bank had no choice but to walk away with a lost expression and a beautiful woman. Tang Long, who thought he could have a good time without being disturbed, was stopped again after a short time: "Brother, I have something to discuss with you." When I looked up, I saw two men wearing ordinary sunglasses and fancy suits, followed by several strong men. Seeing these people, Tang Long's first feeling was: "Hooligans." Because they look exactly like the hooligans on TV. I don't know what hooligans are looking for to discuss with themselves? Tang Long, who was intrigued, immediately asked aloud, "What's the matter?" The thin hooligan who spoke just now looked at the noisy playroom, frowned and said, "It's too noisy here. Let's go to the coffee shop downstairs." Tang Long nodded and asked a waiter to tell his subordinates where he had gone. He followed the hooligan to the coffee shop downstairs. Tang Long is in high spirits now. He has never been in contact with hooligans. He feels like a gangster talking about business. He is very excited.
As soon as he sat down and ordered a cup of coffee, the thin man said directly, "How much do you want to sign with us?" "How much?"? Sign up? What did you say? Tang Long has a dew. What do these hooligans mean? "Don't pretend. The guests here are either rich or noble. It's impossible to call prostitutes.". Come to our nightclub, where there are so many cheaters that you can make money and laugh! The thin man curled his lips and said. Tang Long, who had not heard the word "prostitute" for a moment, still looked at the thin man with a question mark. The strong man beside the thin man, seeing that Tang Long was still pretending not to understand, could not help pounding the table and shouting in a low voice: "I tell you, whether you like it or not, we will take the hundreds of prostitutes under your command in the nightclub anyway!"! Those who are interested should sign the contract as soon as possible so as not to make everyone look ugly! The thin man also took the opportunity to take out a document and handed it over. Tang Long pushed the document away and asked in a cold voice, "How could you think my men were young ladies?" The strong man curled his lips and said, "How could you think?"? Every one of your guys is a lousy hooker. You can tell by looking at them. The original intention of the strong man was to lower the signing fee, but he did not know that he was always a prostitute, a prostitute said that he had violated the promise made by Tang Long to his subordinates. Tang Long subconsciously touched his waist. When he touched the cold body of the cosmic gun, he felt a shock in his heart. He breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the hooligan who was looking at him. But the words that came out of this smile were a cold word: "Get out!" Originally saw Tang Long smile, thought that the business can be negotiated hooligans, was this roll word made a stupefied. It took a while to react. The strong man was the first to stand up and point at Tang Long. He shouted at the top of his voice, "Don't be so ***ing shameless. You prostitutes.." Before he could even say the word "prostitute",ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Tang Long punched him out of his teeth. Tang Long would not let the guests around him, who had already exclaimed, know that the hundreds of beauties were prostitutes. 
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