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Biographie But as soon as he mentioned to his family that he wanted to work and didn't want to study for a PhD, his parents were like gunpowder that had been detonated. They didn't support his wishes at all, and they didn't even want to try to understand them. Because his sister finally had a clear mind and no longer held on to him, his parents hated Yan Ran even more. Do not read, good wife also did not grasp, is not to make two people angry to death? Yan ran was also annoyed by his parents, angry people do not pay for their lives, directly said that he likes men, do not like women, and sister with no good end, let two people sooner or later do not mention this matter. This can be good, Li Mei and Yan Tianhua entered a state of rage after being dumbfounded, Yan ran beat and scolded, felt full of expectations and blood raised a useless white-eyed wolf, but they went to check Yan ran's friendship situation, found that Yan ran did not have a male fox spirit around him, but many female goblins, they were not sure whether Yan ran said he was gay or not. I have to think that he is deliberately irritating, although he is deliberately irritating, but his mood is restless. Yan ran had a lot of trouble with his family, so he simply chose the offer he received to send him to work in a remote prefecture-level city, and Yan ran away. For the first time, Li Mei and Yan Tianhua found that they could not defeat their son. The son was young and vigorous. He could do whatever he wanted. The two old men were angry that his son was not obedient and sensible. They were worried that his son could not eat well,PET bottle Mold, wear well, work and develop well. Especially if Yan Ran was really a gay man, he would go to a remote place to mess with men. Yan Tianhua checked the place where Yan Ran was. AIDS infection rate is not low, two people can not stand. Li Mei is worried, coupled with menopause, hormone disorders, frequent fainting, and then go to check,juice filling machine, uterine fibroids are also very large in a short period of time, and even dangerous, so she decided to have surgery. In fact, the operation was not a major operation, but Li Mei really missed her son and asked her husband to contact her son and pretend that she was going to the gate of death. Yan ran heard that her mother was in such a poor health and in such a serious condition that she dared not act on impulse any more. She quickly asked for leave to go home and take care of Li Mei who was admitted to the hospital, and then transferred her work back to S City. At this point, both sides stopped, and it was barely peaceful coexistence until now. Yan ran can not sleep, his feelings for Xiao Ziyi, after more than ten years, still tortured him. Yan ran felt that he deserved it, deserved not to sleep, deserved to be tortured by Xiao Ziyi's feelings so that he had a nervous breakdown. Obviously, as long as there is no love other than friendship for Xiao Ziyi, the problem can be completely solved, and Xiao Ziyi has no obligation to bear his Xiao Xiang, bottle blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but he can not do it. You can't do it yourself, so you deserve the pain. Yan ran sighed in his heart. If in the past, Yan ran can only bear this pain by himself, no one can tell, the advantage of getting older is that he can always meet friends who talk about everything at a certain time. Yan Ran has a lot of girlfriends who can talk about life. Since they are girlfriends, they are all girls. In fact, Yan ran also has quite a lot of male friends, not to mention that Jiang Kun, who still maintains the friendship of "two ribs" for each other, said that his classmates or classmates in other universities or graduate schools had good feelings, but these friends were basically all married, most of them had children, and these people worked hard every day to earn money and take care of their families. If you chat with your boyfriend for a while, the probability of being scolded by your wife is not small; moreover, their brains and Yan Ran's way of thinking are mostly different, so Yan Ran has no intention to talk to them. If they talk, almost no one can understand Yan Ran's delicate and sensitive mind, and think that he is "not married and idle". Therefore, Yan ran almost only talked to his female best friend about all kinds of emotional things. Yan Ran's apprentice, Xiao Yu, whose name is Li Tianyu, is especially like a boy's name. Her usual style is more like a boy than a girl. She gives people the feeling of being careless. She carries water on her back to stop a car, holds a baby in one hand and carries a big bag of baby supplies. She is very boyfriend-friendly in everything she does. But Yan Ran knows that she is a careful and steady girl, with excellent characteristics and charm that men can hardly have.
Xiaoyu is a graduate of Yan Ran's three universities. Yan Ran called her "school sister". When he went to the university to recruit people, Yan Ran was the leader of their group and followed HR. He took a fancy to Xiaoyu's steadfastness and willingness to work carefully, so he recruited her into the company. However, the company stipulated that new employees must all go to the branch to experience, and then select the best to enter the headquarters. Xiao Yu lived up to Yan Ran's expectations. After working in the branch for a year, he was successfully admitted to the headquarters and became Yan Ran's apprentice. In fact, Yan ran only took Xiao Yu for a month, Xiao Yu finished his apprenticeship, can work independently, only when there are problems to ask Yan ran on the line. It was probably Yan Ran's "very suitable for living together" that attracted Xiao Yu, who began to pursue Yan Ran. Yan ran saw people quite accurately, Xiao Yu worked beside him for half a year, he basically found out the situation of Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu is not the only child in her family. Besides her, there is a younger brother. Xiao Yu has been taking care of his younger brother since childhood, so he is full of boyfriend power. Perhaps the family is too patriarchal, Xiaoyu has not felt too much family care since childhood, so she especially yearns for a good life, but also has a belief in serious life. This is also the reason why she is careful and always empathizes with people, and does not like to joke too much. As soon as Yan ran received Xiao Yu's pursuit, he was immediately dumbfounded, and immediately knew that he must not cheat Xiao Yu a little, otherwise the blow to Xiao Yu would be enormous. Yan ran asked Xiao Yu to go out for dinner. Xiao Yu was still called Yan Ran at that time. She probably realized that Yan Ran's invitation to dinner was too solemn. This time, she either agreed to her pursuit or refused her pursuit, so she also seemed very serious. Yan ran told her directly that he liked men and had always liked them, which was why he only focused on his work and never talked about his feelings. Xiao Yu suffered a great blow, but she immediately realized that Yan Ran told her the truth, which was a great trust in her, a responsibility to her,water filling machine, and a friend to her. Xiao Yu became Yan Ran's "best friend" from then on. In the company, and in the same department, it has to be said that it is both dangerous and rare to have this kind of girlfriend. 
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