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"Ultimate" game currency is divided into three kinds namely gold silver copper one gold equals ten silver one silver equals ten copper According to the realistic proportion one copper is equal to one Jiao one silver is equal to one yuan and one gold is equal to ten yuan Sixty days after the open beta of the game the ultimate game trading platform will be opened when the rich players can spend a lot of money build equipment and upgrade the level Game open beta 60 days is the most fair period the rich can not recharge regardless of the rich or no money this period of time in the game is equal existence this is the system for the interests of the vast number of game players themselves so that the gap between players is too large leading to a large loss of players On the other hand it is also for the game itself otherwise no one will play it and it will be strange if the game can be popular Boy out of the novice village let's play together Sweetheart said It depends Wu yuan lukewarm response out of the novice village the player will be randomly sent to a village in the city who knows if we have the same village Look at your expression very unhappy hum I do not know how many want to play games with the religious leader I am too lazy to talk to them if not promised my sister I will not talk to you this sparerib man Sweetheart complained in her heart but did not make a sound on the surface and followed Wu yuan back to the village Wu yuan returned to Zhang Wushi and returned the task of eliminating wolves for the people Yes you did a good job This is your reward Zhang Wushi said happily System message Because of your excellent completion of the task of eliminating pigs for the people you have won the favor of residents 1 and experience 3000 Shit is Home Appliances there no other reward Wu yuan complained in his heart thinking that Zhang Wushi would teach him a few skills but he didn't even have a shadow Knock! System message Because of your excellent performance Zhang Wushi rewarded you with a skill book Here we go Ha ha! Wu yuan's heart was filled with joy Sweeping Leaf Level 1 Essence consumption 50 cooldown 20 seconds use the class requires Tianwu Skill Description 360 degree rotation covering a range of 2 meters causing certain damage to the target and forcing the target to retreat This is one of the skills of Tianwu It belongs to the group attack skill It is very useful When you are surrounded by monsters you can use the sweeping leaf to force them back and escape smoothly A white light flashed and another skill appeared in Wu yuan's skill column Zhang Wushi looked at Wu yuan and said "Son your hands seem to be stained with the blood of the big black wolf Have you ever killed the big black wolf" "Yes" "Can you give me one of the big black wolf's eyes" Zhang Wushi said OK Wu yuan took out the big black wolf's eyes and handed them to Zhang Wushi System message You have been given a skill book My skill opens the mountain Wu yuan grinned and learned the skill to open the mountain Kaishan Level 1 essence consumption 50 cooldown 20 seconds use the class requires Tianwu Skill Description Instantly increases your attack power by one percent With one chop in the air China Suppliers you can hit the target with a three percent chance of stun In addition to my own skill guide style I also have three skills chasing the wind sweeping the leaves and opening the mountain It's time for me to go out of the novice village to make my way in the world Wu yuan soliloquized softly and came to the place where the human race met the guide and applied to leave the novice village System message Your conditions have been met and you can leave the novice village Child for the glory and immortality of the human race you must ascend to the top and raise the supreme elegance of the human race "Jieyin makes earnest words and earnest thoughts" I understand Wu yuandao The ultimate road the road is boundless all the way treasure With a wave of his hand a group of golden light fell and enveloped Wu yuan The golden light flashed away and Wu yuan disappeared in the novice village System prompt You have come to Jiangling Village Wu yuan was randomly transported to Jiangling Village next to the transport array surrounded by ancient buildings neatly arranged as far as the eye can see more than a hundred times larger than the novice village the streets are crowded and bustling In the middle of the village a tall yellow building rises from the ground unique overlooking the four directions unusually conspicuous filled with a king's power as if it were the highest ruling place of Jiangling Village Yes that's the village committee compound the highest command post of Jiangling village In the teleportation array there is a continuous flash of light and players appear one after another including the celestial warriors and earth rangers of the Terran the divine warriors and archers of the Protoss as well as the light elves and dark elves of the Eldar
Like Wu yuan the level of these players is 20 out of the novice village Computer Hardware & Software is about to soar in a broader sky System announcement the establishment of the sect starlight System announcement the establishment of the dark shadow of the sect System announcement the establishment of the sect Tingfeng Building At this time the vertical and horizontal city sounded three bombing news all the players in the vertical and horizontal city remembered the three sects of Starlight Shadow of Darkness and Tingfeng Tower and many players out of the novice village applied to join It costs ten thousand gold the equivalent of a million coppers to create a sect In the first day of the ultimate open beta foreign exchange money can not be traded all rely on players Daguai the task to obtain a small income to now Wu yuan backpack is only two silver and one copper What does it mean that the three sects of Starlight Dark Shadow and Tingfenglou can be established It shows that they have incomparably strong strength Tingfenglou is an old religious sect with a ruthless and domineering style Shadow of Darkness it is a hidden sect It is said that the top level of Shadow of Darkness is a killer organization Its strength is unfathomable and its ranking is comparable to that of Tingfeng Tower As for Starlight it is definitely a top sect Whether it is in "The Other Shore" or "Creation" Starlight is a prestigious sect According to sources the leader of Starlight is the top management of Starlight Game Company System announcement Tingfenglou issued an announcement offering a reward to kill the player who has no chance The player who successfully kills the player who has no chance can receive the corresponding reward at Tingfenglou with the video For each successful kill the reward is hardware As soon as the news came out it immediately caused a great uproar and caused a sensation in the city The name quickly became popular and became popular which became a topic of great interest for vertical and horizontal players and the speed of fame left people in the dust Depend on who is to have no chance dare to provoke to listen to the wind building this he is miserable "I think he must be a great man otherwise Tingfenglou will not issue a notice of pursuit and killing" "No chance to come out for gold coins I decided to kill you!" "I want to kill him ten times and get fifty gold" 。 
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