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Biographie Hands rubbed the temple, Zhang embroidered know if not accept lyu3 bu4, but also worry about a person's idea, that is Zhang Liao. With a slight sigh, Zhang Xiu said, "We'll discuss this later. Now Lu Bu is going to Hulao Pass. Cao Mengde and Liu Xuande are going to pursue him from behind. I'm going to go to Hulao Pass to deal with this matter in person." After a pause, Zhang Xiu shouted, "People listen to orders!" Embroidery become governors also have eight years, and more and more powerful, power is also more and more powerful, now a drink out, people all stand by solemnly. "Zilong, Hansheng, Ziyi, Meng Qi and Lingming will go to Hulao Pass with Ben," Zhang Xiu ordered. "They will set out in an hour. Xing Ba is training water army in the Yellow River, let him also go to Hulao Pass. The big and small things in Chang'an are handled by yuan Chang and Wen He. Zhaoyun, Huang Zhong, Taishi Ci, Ma Chao, and Ezra Pound heard this. Their eyes were eager. "Promise!" They shouted. Zhang Xiu nodded and said, "Go back and tidy up. Hu Che'er and Zhou Cang will go with you." Then he got up and turned to walk into the back hall. Seeing Zhang Xiu leave, Zhao Yun grabbed the giffin and asked, "Sir, do you think the tetrarch will accept Wen Hou or not?" Giffin smiled and said, "The tetrarch has called you all away. I don't know yet."? And go back to pack up everything, ready for war, this is the master's funeral for the God of war! Then he looked in the direction of Hulao Pass. When several people heard this,Carbon in Pulp, their breath suddenly congealed. Zhao Yun murmured, "The funeral of the God of War?"? It's an honor for Yun to attend! Huang Zhong, tardif, Ma Chao and Ezra Pound nodded at the same time and said, "Not bad!" Fa Zhenghui smiled and said, "All generals, hurry up and get ready. I'm going back to pack up and go to Hulao Pass to watch this peak battle.". There are Lao Jia Changshi and Lord Zhong in the matter of Chang'an. Then he bowed to the two men. When Zhong Gui heard this, he laughed and scolded, "Xiao Zhi, you are not young, and the children in the family can also speak.". Why is it still so? Fa Zheng laughed and said,mineral flotation, "Lord Zhong works hard all day long. How can he be free every day?" Then with zhaoyun and others strode away together. When Zhong Gui heard this, he said with a smile, "Filial piety is like this.". Can Wen He rest assured that he will take over the post of long history? Giffin smiled and said, "I've known my destiny for a long time. I'm afraid I won't be able to go to war with my master in a few years.". Xiao Zhi has not yet reached his thirties. At its peak, Yishan and Gongying were talented. However, it is not as good as filial piety. In the future, advisers should be led by filial piety. If their temperament is like this, they will get along better with each other. When Zhong Yao heard this, he said with a smile, "Wen He is quite considerate." After saying that, the two of them left the mule riding general's office together. As soon as Zhang Xiu entered the back hall, he saw Cai Wenji teaching his son Zhang Quan and Zhang Ji's daughter Zhang Xue. Chen Yao is holding Zhang Feng, who already knows how to speak, to prevent him from harassing his brother and little aunt to study. As soon as Zhang Quan saw Zhang Xiu come in, he immediately raised the book in his hand and said, "Dad, today my mother is teaching the children the Analects of Confucius." Zhang Xiu touched her son who was almost ten years old. "Not bad," he said with a smile. After a pause, he said to Chen Yao, tin beneficiation plant ,gold cil machine, "Yao, bring me the armor and put it on for my husband." Chen Yao answered, put Zhang Feng on the ground, and turned into the room to take a stomach. When Zhang Quan heard this, his eyes lit up and he asked, "Dad, are you going to fight the enemy?" Zhang Xiu nodded and said, "Lu Bu has been defeated and fled to Hulao Pass. Dad and Uncle Zhao are going to Hulao Pass now." When Zhang Quan heard this, his eyes began to warm up. "Father," he shouted, "Quan'er wants to go, too. Go to Hulao Pass to see Lv Bu, the God of war! Then she heard a clang. Zhang Xiu turned to look, but it was Chen Yao who dropped her stomach to the ground. She asked in a trembling voice, "Husband, are you going to fight with Lu Bu?" Zhang Xiu was silent for a moment and said, "I'm not hiding it from you. I'm really going to fight with Lu Bu." Zhang Quan and Zhang Xue also wanted to go. But see the atmosphere is not good, dare not speak, open big eyes looking at Zhang Xiu them. Cai Wenji stepped forward and said softly to Zhang Xiu, "Husband, I'm going to fight with Lu Bu this time.". It's no small matter. Let Yaner go with you. On that day, the husband on the Han River heard the sound of Yan'er's harp. He fought more and more bravely. Yan'er also helped you with the sound of the harp this time.
” When Zhang Xiu heard this, she hesitated and said, "Yes.." Then Zhang Quan said in a loud voice, "Dad, you once said that the Hulao Pass is the most powerful pass in the world. Let's watch from the pass and not go out.". And with Quan'er, she must protect her mother's safety. When Zhang Xiu heard this, she laughed and exclaimed, "Well, the father of a tiger has no son of a dog.". Sun Wentai has a lion, and my son Zhang Xiu is no worse than him. Then he laughed. Then Zhang Xue also said, "Brother.". Cher will protect her sister-in-law, too. "All right," said Zhang Xiu with a smile, "but Quan'er must protect your two mothers." Zhang Quan nodded his head seriously. Zhang Xiu said to Chen Yao, "Yaoer, come and put on your clothes for your husband. After you pack up, you will set out in a carriage. Your husband will let Zhou Cang and Hu Che'er protect you thoroughly." Chen Yao and cai Wenji silently nodded, and then come forward together for Zhang embroidered. And about the same time, in the city of Changan, after the general office peace west general office also almost happened this scene, Ma Yunlu and Zhao Yu is not an ordinary woman. Knowing that there was such a war, one was worried about her husband's safety. Second, nature does not want to let go. After five days, lyu3 bu4 line has been to the border of Chen county, fled under the time there are more than a thousand people. Now there are only hundreds of people, Cao, Guan Xuan, Seibel are covered with scars, even Chen Gong the teachers of the law is full of murderous look, in the hands of the teachers of the law sword has been scarred, will be broken at any time, but the sword also drank a lot of Cao Cao foot soldiers blood. Looking at the towering Hulao Pass, which was filled with soldiers in full battle array, Gao Shun and Cao Xing could not help thinking worriedly, "Does Zhang Xiu really not accept Wen Hou?"? Hulao Pass? Is this fate? And in the front, Lu Bu, who was wearing a bloody battle robe, murmured, "Hulao Pass, I, Lu Bu,tin beneficiation plant, am back!" Chapter 381 under the tiger prison. "Whoo, whoo." When lyu3 bu4 and his party arrived at the tiger fastened shut, there was a sudden burst of fierce drums and the sound of the horn. Kill! Kill "Capture lyu3 bu4 alive.". 
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