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Marlboro has always been loved by people for the refreshing mint flavor, which is what people call "cool smoke". How is menthol smoke formed? The principle is very simple. Adding a small amount of menthol to ordinary cigarettes forms a menthol cigarette In recent years, some foreign scholars have proposed that the menthol in cigarettes may cause stronger addiction and may cause more tobacco-related diseases. The study found that the demographic characteristics of people who mainly smoke menthol and smoke other cigarettes are quite different, mainly in the following points: First, gender. Women are the number one group of menthol cigarettes. Many studies have shown that women among adult smokers prefer to choose menthol cigarette brands than men. The reason may be that menthol smoke is less irritating to the throat and trachea, and most women can tolerate the stimulation of menthol tobacco smoke. Next is race. In the United States, blacks are the second largest consumer group targeted by menthol manufacturers, and about 70% of blacks mainly smoke menthol Cheap Cigarettes. In African countries where blacks are predominantly, the smoking rate of menthol is not very high. Investigating the reason may be caused by tobacco culture and customs. According to relevant survey results, most African Americans believe that menthol smoking will not cause health damage. The third is age. Adolescents are the third largest consumer of menthol cigarettes. The results of the National Youth Smoking Survey in the United States in 2000 showed that menthol has become an important cigarette variety that most adolescents choose when they start to learn to smoke Carton Of Cigarettes. There are many studies on menthol and nicotine dependence.
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