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Tear off the plastic film, open the box, you can see the gold-lined tin foil lining paper, the lining paper is covered with diagonal diamond signs in Chinese and English. Remove the inner lining paper, the cigarettes are arranged in a seven-seven-seven, non-grooved corrugated tar-reducing paper, and there is a small red dot on the cigarette filter tip. I personally think that the purpose of the fragrance is to use the form of the fragrance line. If you want to be a hooligan, adjust the fragrance on the tobacco Marlboro Lights. What kind of incense thread? It feels like putting the blanched noodles directly in the bowl of the mixed soup, instead of the difference in the taste of the soup, the noodles and the cooking in the pot. It suddenly reduces the force of the smoke. grid. Take out the cigarette, the yellow tipping paper of the filter is printed with the same plaque of the summer resort as the flip cover. The white vertical-stripe cigarette paper is tightly filled and slightly elastic. The tobacco color is golden and warm, and the cut is smooth and tidy. Not bad Newport 100S, no cutting corners. Smell the fragrance under the nose, there are two distinct flavors. One end of the filter has a sweet smell, which is a bit similar to fine cigarettes but not so greasy. On the other end of the shredded tobacco is a light tobacco fragrance., And then vomit it, the feeling of smoke remaining in the mouth is still obvious, but most of it is the powdery taste on the incense line, and at the same time I feel that the smoke is not thin; the second sip is slightly increased, and I feel a little resistance, Slowly inhale the smoke, make the smoke flow in the mouth for a moment, it enters the throat quite smoothly, the sweetness is more obvious, and the fragrance of the tobacco leaves is slowly relaxing, and the smoke is slowly exhaled from the nasal cavity. There is a feeling of burning and scratching in the nasal cavity; deep inhalation for the third mouth, at this time, there is no obstruction, and the smoke passes through the throat and into the lungs very smoothly. It feels mellow and delicate, and the clumping is good. At this time, the original flavor of tobacco has successfully suppressed the artificial The sweet fragrance tuned out, but the impact is average, the satisfaction is not strong, it is refreshing and comfortable when exhaling, the aftertaste is sweet, and the mellow taste is very rich. Then cycle back and forth, to appreciate the rich fragrance of the best time; the fineness of the taste is still good after inhalation, but the odor is very abrupt, like a chaotic and disorderly band without a conductor, and like a crop that is neglected to manage Overgrown with weeds, a big failure. The cigarette burns through, and the burning speed is slow. After sucking the dissecting filter, it is found that there are two rows of laser focusing holes.
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