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Migrant workers, an ordinary occupation that can no longer be ordinary. In the eyes of many people, this profession is so small Marlboro Red, so insignificant, it is simply unbearable. Again, I used to think this way, but when you really approached them, you will find that they are also such a great summer, people are hiding in the cool air-conditioned room, and there are few pedestrians and vehicles on the street. . Only the messy machine sounds from the nearby construction sites and the busy voices of the workers have added a touch of vitality to this quiet land Carton Of Cigarettes. I am at home, turning on the computer to kill time, browsing the web for interesting news and current affairs, for a while. Chat with friends and take a look at the newly updated entertainment videos. I don't know how long it took, I gradually felt hot, and looked up, the air conditioner had a malfunction. I am here, oh, there is no problem at all. God, this summer, the air conditioner can't work, what can I do? I just wanted to swallow a sun, I was so hot and sweaty, my clothes were soaked, and I was very uncomfortable. No way, I had to ask the workers next to me for help with the idea of ??"try it out Marlboro Gold." Unexpectedly, someone responded to me. I saw a worker who took the ladder over. After a busy period of operation, the air conditioner started to work again, but after a while, the sound of "��" stopped again. "It may be the reason inside the air conditioner, I am sorry, I have not helped you." He said with a yellow gum. "It doesn't matter, thank you, but it's so hot, what should I do?" "The heart is calm and natural, see if we are tired and then have to stick to it, come on, let's go!" Then I went to work on his business. After a long time, I looked around the window and looked around. I found that the worker was working not far away. Anyway, I was too bored. I chatted with him one sentence at a time. I knew that he had become a laid-off worker because of the factory closure, but he had to come to work in the city to support his family, and because he had no culture, he had to be a construction worker. However, I did not see from his words and deeds that he was inferior because of his low status. He saw his love and satisfaction for life. He felt his enthusiasm and self-confidence. Yes, this tall building that rises from the ground is the result of the hard work of these construction workers. They are the beautiful builders. They are not ordinary people approaching migrant workers. I understand that people do not have high and low points. They exchanged their own sweat for the beauty of the city, in exchange for the satisfaction of the citizens, they are the real masters of the city. Migrant workers, this is a group of ordinary and great people
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