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25.11.2019 08:06
ustration. It taught me. Stro Antworten

On the road of life, people inevitably encounter various setbacks. Some people are sluggish in the face of setbacks. Some people are more determined because of setbacks. They never give up, making frustration a good medicine. A race, in the process, we will feel tired, but will not stop tired, we may fall, but we will climb up the place to fall, continue to the finish line, feel tired and fall It is like a setback in our lives. If we treat it with optimism and the right way, we will be able to overcome these setbacks. Will not stop because of the fall. Frustration is a good medicine. It is the setback that taught me to never give up. I have a strong heart. I remember that in the second half of the second semester, due to accidental fall, the right arm humerus fracture was caused. Xinghua��s doctor requested hospitalization for surgery. Considering that the second day is a crucial year for junior high school, if the hospitalization operation will affect the study, Even to stay one level, under the introduction of some good friends of the parents, go outside to find a more technically strong orthopaedic specialist to take conservative treatment Carton Of Cigarettes, parents sought the advice of a doctor friend, took me to Nanjing Children's Hospital for conservative treatment The doctor at Nanjing Children's Hospital used superb medical skills to apply a topical drug to my wound Wholesale Cigarettes. She clamped my right arm with a splint, although I still had to write for nearly a month. But I can sit in the classroom and listen to the teacher. Therefore, the scores are not too bad. I still remember that the first monthly exam in the third semester of the third year, I was very anxious after the exam. After the results were announced, I was dumbfounded. The scores of the subjects did not reach the expected scores. I can't think of the reason for this. I am very upset about this. I spent the next few days in the number of parents and teachers. A few days later, under the guidance of my parents, I want to understand that I can't be defeated by small setbacks, and the test is regressing. It indicates that there are still loopholes in the usual study. It is a good medicine to make more effort and frustration. It taught me. Strong and never give up. I will correctly face the setbacks in life and drive towards the other side of the victory.
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