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Today is the 80th birthday of Grandpa Dashu, and there is a happy scene in the forest. Everyone is busy setting up a birthday table for Grandpa Dashu. Grandpa Dashu can't help but talk. At this time, the little monkey also sent two big red peach peach to Grandpa Dashu; Then, the little hedgehog sent three big apples to Grandpa Dashu; the kitten also sent Grandpa Dashu Here comes a pot of fragrant steamed fish soup. Don't mention how happy Grandpa Dashu is, he cheerfully greeted every guest who came to celebrate his birthday Marlboro Lights. In the evening, the birthday party began. Little White Rabbit danced a dance for Grandpa Dashu; Lark Bird sang a beautiful song for Grandpa Dashu. At this time, the naughty monkey said to everyone: "Today's protagonist is Grandpa Dashu Cigarettes For Sale, let's let Grandpa Dashu perform a show for us!" "Good!" Everyone applauded and invited Grandpa Dashu to the stage . "I'm old, and I don't show any shows. So, let me tell you my story when I was a kid!" Everyone likes to listen to Grandpa Dashu's story, so he is surrounded by Grandpa Dashu. "It was a spring. I was planted in this big forest by an old farmer. I have been living a happy life. Gradually, I grew up. Suddenly one day, I saw a group of lumberjacks carrying big saws. , They sawed down big trees one after another heartlessly. Fortunately, I grew up in the crack of the stone, and no one could cut me down. From then on, there were only lonely me and some stumps in this big forest Who knows, this incident has shocked God, God is angry, and decided to punish cruel human beings. One night, God suddenly fell down and poured rain. It was three days and three nights, and countless houses were washed over. Countless families separated, and people's cries and shouts were connected ... At this time, people were fully awakened. After a few days, the wind stopped, the rain stopped, and I suddenly saw a small group of me, They carried shovel, buckets and countless small saplings ... Since then, this large forest has returned to its original state, here is rich in trees, flowers and birds, birds are soaring in the blue sky, small animals Happy on the green grass Playful ... "Yeah, yeah, our trees can reduce air pollution for human beings, can shield people from wind and rain, deal with floods and waterlogging disasters, and beautify the environment. Plants! "I haven't waited for Grandpa Dashu to finish, and the little tree next to him intervened Wholesale Cigarettes. The story of Grandpa Dashu is over. I don't know who led you to sing" The Love Mother Earth Song, which spread throughout the big forest: "Mom The warm cradle of the grass, please do n��t destroy the grass, "Mother is sad. The earth is our mother, we are all his children. Love mother, please do n��t add trouble to mother
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