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I can't help but appreciate Ye Guangye's book "Cultivating Sangzi", because of the "Preface" written by the famous writer Deng Youmei. At the end of the book is "a long sigh of tune," and when I concealed my thoughts, what was floating in my mind was "reading two long praises" and praised the author's extraordinary writing. The female writer complained that there were no common complaints of tragic events in the world and no complaints against the sky. The feeling is really what Deng Youmei said "see clearly, think deeply, and reveal it thoroughly." There is no lack of humor in her language, which is a kind of great openness; she is also profound. Her fate of the fourteen brothers and sisters is trivial but noble everywhere. The backward living conditions in the family road are miserable, but she still makes us feel a sense of integrity, integrity, and personality. I like the characters in her pen, not because of their actions, but to appreciate her writing. Impressive storylines abound Newport Cigarettes, the deepest turned out to be: The father often took "I" to Xie's home, and the smart mother noticed that his father was raising a lover outside, and he just quietly identified a man for Xie Niang . When my father left Xie's family at the end, he felt anguish in his heart, but on the way back to his home, he detoured and bought the food that his mother loved to take back with him ... The most admired character in the book is the "I" in the book Mother, she conquered every one of her loved ones with her kindness and understanding, with her kindness and easy-goingness, with her tolerance and wisdom, and with her kindness and love, and conquered my readers! The scenery written by Erzan is not bad. The novel portrays the way of life in the gates of a mansion. Nobles are nobles. No matter how lonely they are, their inherent temperament determines their distinctive thinking and lifestyle. Sitting and walking, eating and drinking Lazar's little things of life, talk about rules everywhere, not to mention the big things of marriage and funeral. What I want is that kind of fan, that noble temperament. In the novel, Ai Xinjue Luo Mi, no matter how it was renamed, will eventually be a small rich farmer on the Huangtupo slope, and even if the Jin family ��s fifth child is rebellious to go for a meal Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the bowl for that meal is also a pivotal porcelain of great value! And the inhuman relationships and family privacy behind the mansion door are naturally different from those of small households. These are written by the authors of the descendants of Yehenara, and they have naturally different tastes, neither pretentious nor moaning Newport 100S. , The taste contained in the tiled direct narrative makes people think about the infinite wealth and indifference to be far away, and enjoy the adversity and self-confidence. After reading this book, I really understand how to treat life: "Dasao must have a light taste, and treasure must be flawed."
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