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Fire Kapok, Year of Blood, Memory Glittering, Entering Kapok Island Marlboro Cigarettes, Approaching Bloody Years The book is divided into six chapters-"Leaving Home", "Mei Xue", "Ju Yin", "A Song of Songs", "Yuehua", and "Fragrance" Each of them can be separated into a series, sung together, and sang a song "Kapok �� Liu Nian"-during the War of Resistance Against Japan, a little girl named Aning experienced war, plague, conspiracy, life and death, and so on. This work has beautiful words Cigarettes Online, fresh and elegant writing, just like the sunshine after the rain, fresh and clear. The characters in each chapter have very distinctive personality characteristics. Mei Xue's forbearance and perseverance in "Mei Xue", Jasmine's gracefulness and gracefulness in "A Song of Songs", and Huo Xiang's high-clean and elegant Ya "Cumian Island" in the book is Today's "Gulangyu", if I had not read this book, I would not have learned this bitter history: more than 70 years ago, the Japanese invaders invaded China and trampled on the Kapok Island of the "World Commons". I also do n��t know that such a beautiful ��Gulangyu Island��, more than 70 years ago, has become a battlefield to save the nation ��s perilous fire and blood. This book explores the buried history from the perspective of a little girl. That history This is a history that should not be forgotten by the world, but this bitter history is gradually lost in the minds of the world because of the passage of time, and is covered with a layer of dense fog. This book by Li Qiuyu not only shows the history buried by history, but also carries forward the spirit that may be ignored by reality, portrays the national heroes such as Tang Mingze, Mr. Zhou, Fanpo, and praises the noble spirit of giving birth to justice and perseverance. That kind of spirit is like the flourishing kapok tree on the "Gulangyu" island. When it blooms, it blooms bright red like blood, stands proudly, and when it blooms, it slams down from the sky. Isn't the blood-colored kapok just a blazing flame? It was this flame that ignited the writer's pen and illuminated the minds of the world. Kapok, also known as "hero flower", is like the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the revolution. Li Qiutian admires this heroic flower rather than jade broken, but also admires the heroes who lived for justice, regarded honor as life, and sworn to defend justice and national dignity. The poems such as "Stars", "Old Black Slave", "Ying Ying Ling Bo Go", "Friendship forever" and "Arabic City Moon" ("Arabic City Moon" is a well-known Japanese song) are different from other translations, but more elegant and beautiful. "The year of Kapok �� Liu Nian" was written for a year and a half. During this period, I almost interrupted all the short stories. Take me to visit my old friends. What moved me the most was that the watchmaker specifically brought back the translations of Grand Duke Shao Qingyuan's translations from the Philippines to my hands. Translations such as "Bo Qu" have become valuable material for the creation of "Mian Mian Nian Nian", which has been introduced into the novel. When writing this book Online Cigarettes, I deliberately read "Kapok �� Liu Nian" to learn about the fire kapok, blood years, and the history behind "Kapok Island". Time flies and memories are fresh
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