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Letters-I have some Antworten

Letters-I have some feelings about reading "Dear Andre". No matter at what time, writing a letter can become a scarce thing, but it can never be a matter that is no longer important. When Taiwan returned to his son again, he was eighteen years old. The four years of living together had left an invisible wall between them. She discovered that her son loved her but did not like her. So she decided to write to each other to get to know each other. "Dear Andre" is a book composed of thirty-five letters written by Long Yingtai and Andre to each other. The letter includes stories about the gap in the times, recent life, and news opinions. "Dear Andre" Of the thirty-five letters in, I was so shocked. In this era of development, mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic products have become tools for people to communicate. How many people use letters to communicate? Don't mention thirty-five letters, probably one letter is unwilling to write it. Why is it that they can write thirty-five letters? "This gap, which may be difficult for ordinary people to bridge, was abandoned after several fruitless attempts. But Long Yingtai and Andrei passed The way of writing letters crossed the gap and entered each other's life, world and soul. Long Yingtai said, "I did not expect to publish a book, nor did I expect to have a reader. I only have one idea. Through this method, I may be able to enter A world of eighteen-year-olds. "In the end, she succeeded. She met the first eighteen-year-old in her life Cigarettes For Sale. Andre also knew her mother for the first time before reading this book. I feel that reading other people ��s letters is boring and boring, but even after reading this book, I find that these letters are a process of mating the souls of mother and child Online Cigarettes. It ��s so magical and full of love that I can see through. In this way, finding ways to understand and communicate with parents can make many readerf the soldiers before the war ... precisely because of this, there was "the flames of the fire for three months, and the letter of home arrived in ten thousand dollars." "Where is the hometown book? Go to the Luoyang side of Yan" "Love is the essence of friendship, and letters are a wonderful medicine for love" and other famous phrases. The precious letter is so precious nowadays, because you have a phone, you no longer eagerly look forward to the arrival of the letter. It ��s only a matter of seconds to convey the message; because the lovers have a train, they no longer worry about breaking up because of the long absence without meeting, and they only meet a ticket; because people have technology, they do n��t pay much attention to correspondence, maybe Writing a letter is just a joke on the whim. Does all this mean that we no longer need correspondence? of course not. Because you have a phone, you no longer have a verse like "The spring breeze is on the south bank of the Green River, when will the moon return according to me"; lovers no longer have a train like "Red beans are born in the southern country, how many springs do you send?" Pick more verses like this, the thing is the most acacia. "Is it a good phenomenon that people no longer have beautiful touching verses because of technology? Perhaps the present age of science and technology is not a completely good age. We still need letters to allow people to create more poems, so that the world does not become a world without poets. Moreover, when the transmission of information becomes fast Carton Of Cigarettes, the information of people becomes casual, and the feelings do not increase but decrease. Letters can express people's true feelings better than all technologies. When writing a letter, I will write more seriously than usual texting, for fear of making mistakes. At this time, the words on the letter can express the mood of the person who wrote the letter, and the feelings are more real and strong. As a result, Long Yingtai and Andrei can get to know each other faster, understand each other more deeply, and feel each other's love more closely. Therefore, a letter is not just a piece of paper. It is also a language. It has enough power to connect the feelings of people who are thousands of miles apart. Letter, no matter to whom.
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