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No matter how miserable! I will never commit suicide! I have to live stubbornly! Even if there is no reason to live. Health is an instinct. Nothing about the environment, no belief, no pursuit, no matter ... Even if this world makes you desperate and makes you discouraged, you still have to live tenaciously. I used to think that if there was no pursuit, it was the meaning of living. However, after reading Alive, I understand that life is just an existence. Everything can be lost. When you can lose everything you can lose Parliament Cigarettes, you will find out what others can't take away! You will discover what is most important in your life. The protagonist is blessed. When he was young Marlboro Lights, he was a landlord master. He was addicted to gambling and was very romantic. He lost all the properties left by his ancestors. Then his father died. He went to the city for medical treatment for his mother's illness and was arrested to serve as a soldier. He survived the war by chance and was liberated to return home. At this time, the mother had already died. His wife Jiazhen always guarded him, including Xin Ru, who had two children, but her daughter became deaf and mute during a high fever. However, the real tragedy began. In the context of the cultural revolution in the old society of China, the family of Fugui lived a life of poverty but not too bad. His son Youqing drew too much blood to save others and died. His daughter Fengxia died of too much blood and died. His wife Jiazhen She died of chondritis, her son-in-law Erxi was pinched to death by splint, and the only grandson Ku Gen died unexpectedly. Yu Hua! How did you write it down? I got it from his son Youqing who was fainted by blood. He did n��t wake up and started to wet his eyes. It really touched me. The child ��s heart is so good. He was rushing to save people, and he was still talking about saying that it was my turn, but it never came back. Seeing all the way, the wife, children, grandson and grandchildren all went there, and there they lost tears when they wanted to cry. Fu Gui was so calm and calm when he recalled the past. He laughed and talked about his whole life, he passed away, he passed away, he passed away, he fell in love, he hated ... He tried everything that should be tried in life. Already. "Sometimes I think about sadness, sometimes I think about it very practically." Fugui commented on himself like that. To him, being alive is how one feels about his own experience, and a little person struggles with fate in the big age. But no matter what, he believes that there will be a dawn at the next intersection of life. Even if the pain that life gives him is far greater than his little sense of happiness Marlboro Gold, he still lives resolutely. People can feel pain, and this pain has inspired too many questions: Why live? Why is it still alive if it is painful? If life has its purpose, all people have the same purpose. So why do you live, not for anything other than being alive, but for living itself. The living will is the only thing that cannot be taken away from Fugui. This is the most essential interpretation of life. I think I get the most simple answer. Life is meaningless, but we live to give meaning to itGrim Reaper will not forget to take you away and maintain a normal heart. Live and work hard to live wonderfully rotten.
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