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[Live, not just live] To be honest, after reading "Live", my heart was really shocked by Yu Hua. What kind of person, and what experience, can write such a great work. It depicts the bleak life of China in the twentieth century. It shows me the cruelty of the society and the helplessness of the people at the bottom Wholesale Cigarettes. At the same time, the unfortunate encounter of the protagonist Fugui also made me feel sad. Although he had all kinds of bad habits before, in the social background, he finally learned to adapt to life. I was amazed at his courage in life, admired his fearlessness to fate, and therefore learned to live, not just to live, but not the only goal in life. To live alive, without faith, is like a walking dead, with the flesh still alive, but the soul missing. Just like Lu Xun said, "Some people are alive, but he is dead." This is not really alive. Living in the true sense is not simply living in the world or living at all costs, but full of hope for life, life, and confidence in the future, whether he is poor or not, but at least he is spiritually rich. The early blessings were living in the world, but later they experienced strong winds and waves. After all, they knew what was truly alive. Only by paying, working, and confident in this world can we be regarded as alive, living without fear of fate, and working hard to live. This world has always been unbalanced and unequal. Some people are wealthy at birth, and some people have struggled for nothing in their lives. This is the arrangement of fate. But destiny is not invincible. People live to fight against destiny. The famous writer Shi Tiesheng is just like the example of Fugui in the novel. For some reason Newport 100S, he was disabled in the lower body and lived in a wheelchair. Fate joked him. But he did not accept the arrangement of fate. He showed us his strong perseverance and the greatness of life through literary creation. Learn to live for yourself and for others. At the moment you hit the ground, you are not destined to live alone. You have parents, maybe siblings, and relatives, so you represent more than just you. The meaning of your life is not just for you. For parents, they raise you and teach you how to be human. In order to thank them, you must live well and wait for them to grow old to support them. For brothers, sisters and relatives, we need to help each other. When they are in trouble, they can help them within their ability and live up to the relationship between your flowing blood. The blessings in the novel finally understood this principle. Everyone around him left him first. When he was the only one left, he used the money to buy an old cow. As his last friend, he lived forever. What a great word. Different people live differently. Some people live what they want, while others are lost in the world and unable to extricate themselves. Before reading Alive, I was also confused and overwhelmed by the meaning of being alive However, the book "Alive" gave me the meaning of being alive, and the wealth in the novel is also a good reference example. I think, from now on, I know what I should do in the future.
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