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Happiness is the highest state of life. People look forward to happiness, and people long for happiness. If anyone asks what is the standard of happiness, I am afraid no one can answer it. In fact, happiness cannot be measured with a ruler. There is no fixed pattern, and you can only perceive and understand it with your heart. People in life each have different ways of living Cheap Cigarettes, so their outlook on happiness is different. Some corrupt officials made reports exaggerated, and their mouths were clean and honest, but privately they bought officials and sold government power. Although such people lived and said they were happy, in fact, their hearts were dirty and empty. The incident at the East Window was either sick or scared. Can you say happiness? There are still some people who are motivated by their own desires. For the dirty money that will not be taken away, they dig in and think at the expense of others, themselves, the people, and the country. In the end, they will go to jail, and their wives will be scattered. There are also the so-called rich people, which makes a few broken money uncomfortable, but also packs a mistress, and nourish the lover, nonsense, family riots continue, and the buzzing, how happy is it? Money is not necessarily happiness. Jinshan Yinshan cannot buy a lifetime of leisure Carton Of Cigarettes, and true happiness cannot be measured by the amount of money Newport 100S. How can we find happiness and retain it? In fact, happiness is near you. You live in happiness every day. The key depends on how you grasp and feel. Contentment Changle feels happy is the happy person. As the saying goes, people's hearts are not enough to eat the elephant, and this is the truth. In fact, the scenes of happiness around us are not uncommon: two elderly people supporting each other in the setting sun; young couples next to the flowers holding their spoiled lovers; those who care for out-of-school children and care for the vulnerable groups in society; those who are unknown, The people who are happy and kind are called the happiest people in the world. A serious illness the year before last made me realize the truth, what fame and fortune, official career all go to hell! Life is the most important thing. To live happily is happiness. But man cannot live for himself, narrowly speaking for his wife and children, parents, and noblely speaking for society and career. The pursuit of happiness is unquestionable, it is human nature, but those who are so-called "happiness" do not hesitate to blasphemy and overdraw their lives to obtain happiness. In short, people who feel happy and create happiness are not happy in life. They are often accompanied by wind, snow, rain and thunder and lightning. It is impossible to be perfect. Not from heaven, nor from a strong wind, but from your own feelings and recognition. Where is the happiness? In fact, it's all around us, as long as we "can afford it, let it go", and have a good mood every day, treat life with sincerity and kindness, cherish life, and create happiness, you are a happy person.
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